Green Build Concepts provides consultancy services to assist contractors, developers and end users to get LEED Certification for their buildings.
LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environment Design, is a Green Building Certification system developed by United States Green Building Council. LEED is widely known certification system in the World and there are many projects that has been certified at different levels all over the world. 
LEED certification can be obtained by New Constructions, Existing Buildings, Core & Shell, Retail, Home and Healthcare.

LEED provides standards for designing and constructing Green Buildings in key areas, Sustainable sites, Locations & Linkages, Water efficiency, Awareness & Education, Energy and atmosphere, Innovation in Design, Materials and resources, Regional Priority and Indoor environmental quality.

We can be contacted to get full range of LEED consulting and management services. Green Build Concepts assigns expert consultant for your project who can serve with full commissioning and energy modeling services in order to get your project LEED certified in respective category.


We provide daylight harvesting design services, Skylights product selection, layout preparation and installation modeling for industrial and commercial buildings.

We advise industrial buildings and commercial buildings on how to harvest the power of Sun into their buildings. We understand the limitation of side wall lighting; hence our experienced daylighting experts suggest the right product for Side lighting and Top Lighting, their quantity, distribution layout and guide on automation in order to integrate daylighting controls. Let our team work with you in increasing maximum daylighting in your building and develop a comfortable and healthy environment for the building occupants.

Heat, Glare and Ultraviolet rays are not a problem anymore. Proper product selection and intelligently designed layout are the keys to utilize maximum benefit of the right product economically. The dynamic nature of daylight throughout the year, poses several challenges when designing buildings that seek to utilize abundant natural resource to meet the lighting requirements of the workspace. 

We address on how to transform harmful sunlight to pleasant cool light for your workspace and to achieve desired lux levels. Our team is capable of suggesting suitable product, design the layout according to indoor requirement and produce respective lighting simulations